Soul Food

Bullshit or Nothing!

Bullshit or Nothing is my favourite funny quote by Clinton Callahan.

Funny because Bullshit or Nothing seems to blow your mind.
Favourite because it contains so much truth – what is true and what is illusion, anyway… ?

How do YOU interpret “bullshit or nothing”…..?

Enjoy 😉

PS: Here’s a song lyric to express how I feel about all of this:

“Spending a lifetime running behind fancy dreams and ideas.
Reaching them is only for the short time pretty soon the excitement disappears.
Looking for relief and fun in every single direction.
Anything in the world would do to give you some kind of satisfaction.
What you think you know and what you’re here for is another story.
Sit down, relax and let your DIVINE GRACE* create the glory….”

There’s a lot of beauty and peace in “nothing”. Flow can evolve in this magical space. For some that’s easy. For others non-ego states are uncomfortable.

* in Joy xx

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