How content, happy, healthy and free to choose are you?

Choices are not entirely free, as they are influenced by factors beyond conscious control. What we ignore or miss to choose consciously can still affect and shape our decisions indirectly. That’s why it’s worth gaining clarity, question your decision-making, update the process regularly. It can be fun!

Would you keep doing what you always do the way you do it?

Are you daring to explore what else is possible?

Can you change the way you habitually think, feel and act? It’s possible, an art, discipline, lifestyle, fun!

As a coach I don’t really help you but inspire you to help yourself. Here is my coaching site!

The Walking Guru COACHING

Feeling “good” requires feeling other than numb first. There are things we can do, such as healthy lifestyle, “getting out of the way” with self-limiting or damaging behavior and it’s not that complicated. It can be fun!

What if you are feeling numb? Or if you can’t other than react unconsciously or irresponsibly to a feeling or emotion. That’s almost standard in our society and leads to all kind of limiting consequences. Depression or anxiety being one of them. There are ways to open up to the risk of feeling what you feel. Those can be fun too, if you change the attitude towards them…

Are you in touch with your feelings? Or all in the head? Or scared or overwhelmed? Able to share with your close ones? Or not?

If you are curious enough to find out what else is possible despite x amount of reasons “why not”, contact me! I am an inspiring experimenting explorer, up for the adventure to crack the matrix and create something new. Expect surprises!

Note: be prepared that this is not just an intellectual enterprise. You will be moving the body and feel as well. I provide a safe space for you to explore the unknown and remember how to feels good. All it takes is your choice: a clear yes!

Mental Power

If you came to the realization that something about the way you have always been doing the things you do, doesn’t really work for you, you are at a point to be able to make a new decision.

A human Being is not a robot or a car, otherwise, we would simply get some software to update the thing. NLP, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, and meditation are helpful tools to play with. While Walking and talking in nature, you get to know your mind and its games better, and detect conscious and unconscious habits. Ultimately, you are not you mind. You have a mind and you are the one at the steering wheel. I provide a safe space, applied know-how and experience as a space-holder, coach and mentor for your research.

How to consciously feel

We come from a culture where hiding the truth and denying feelings was declared normal. How about you?

Consciously feeling in this context refers to the process of intentionally focusing on and experiencing your emotions and physical sensations in the present moment with the purpose to use this immense inherent energy consciously and constructively for a positive outcome.

Here are some steps you can follow to practice consciously feeling:

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be interrupted for a few minutes. Sit or lie down in a relaxed position.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, focusing on the sensation of the air moving in and out of your body.
  3. Scan your body from head to toe, noticing any areas of tension or discomfort. Don’t try to change anything, just observe.
  4. Begin to bring your attention to your emotions. Notice what you’re feeling without judging or trying to change it. Simply acknowledge the emotion and allow yourself to experience it.
  5. Try to identify the physical sensations that are associated with each emotion. For example, you might feel a tightness in your chest when you’re anxious or an expanding sensation in your heart or a warmth in your belly when you’re happy.
  6. Keep breathing deeply and slowly as you continue to observe your emotions and physical sensations.
  7. Remember that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable or vulnerable during this exercise. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself.

By practicing this exercise regularly, you can become more in touch with your emotions and develop greater emotional awareness. This can help you to better manage your emotions and respond to situations in a more conscious and intentional way

Manuela is empowering

Louisa Graves, Los Angeles, Hollywood Beauty Secrets


We humans consciously or unconsciously create all the time – playfully, respectfully, freely, or not … it’s up to us.

Surfing the wave of suffering?

I LOVE to explore what else is possible and am amazed by what else is possible!

Unique programs of Self-Discovery, Personal Development, and longterm Joy Management.

For more than 22 years now, I have been Coaching private and business clients mostly while walking in nature – over the phone, or in person. When it hurts most, the motivation to dare to face, appreciate and accept what is is bigger than staying in the so called “comfort zone”. And that is the prerequisite for consciously discovering and practicing new possibilities. My idea of coaching was prize-awarded for being innovative. Probably, because of the fun factor when you not just know, but experience …

Head and Body go together

How come we treat ourselves like a machine? Is a strong mind a curse or a blessing? How can you get out of your own way and do what is really good for you and the rest of us? How do we manage to hold back?

I like to travel, explore and live at places for a while. Wherever I go in the world, I end up “coaching”. I offer a safe environment for people to express themselves and ask unexpected questions. Inspiring self-empowerment is definitely one of my passions. Change is a given, consciously or unconsciously, it’s our choice how to play with it.

Transforming unconscious habits, or blockages, into the ability to make better decisions is trainable and can be done with lightness. Experiencing states of flow and the deep sense of peace and contentment happens naturally – nothing you work hard on. I believe in play.

Business Background

Since 2000 Personal and Corporate Coach and Trainer for Leaders and their teams, specialized in updating habits, communication patterns, changing reactive behavior. Before that 10 years CEO of a Munich Publishing House and international Dental Seminar Organizer. UBUNTO Coach, Speaking-a-ForeignLanguage-with-Ease, Alpha Method Trainer, Member of Possibility Team Mallorca, Coach Trainer for Excel NLP School Mallorca, Creative.


Physical Fitness

Certified Physical Fitness Specialist by Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research , Dallas TX

Certified Yoga for BeginnersInstructor, Mountain Yoga, Lake Tahoe, CA
20 years of Hatha Yoga Practice

Tai Chi, South Lake Tahoe College, CA

Mental Power

Certified in Corporate Coaching, System Perspective, Juan Palomeras, IFOC Institute, Mallorca

Certified in Mental Power Training B. Freitag Coaching, Munich, Germany

MBA (Betriebswirtschaftslehre), Munich University for Applied Sciences


Hypno-Therapy for Pain Relief and Relaxation, 96h, Dr. Kahan, Munich and Mallorca

Basic Psychosomatic Care Training, 2x40h Clinic Dr. Scheib

Divine Grace Healing Transmission, 72h, Thea Ivie, Sedona, AZ

ETB, Expand-The-Box Training, Clinton Callahan
Possibility Management, Mallorca


Find your own answers uncensured by the thinking mind with
Hypnotic Writing Experiments

Conclusion: knowing more doesn’t change a thing


HEADLESS CHICKEN, A Personal Narrative about Three Months in the Amazon, Ayahuasca and Old Stories, Ozark Mountain Publishing (English)
Extract: “Everything has two sides to it and it is up to me, how I look at it, how I respond to it and most of all: what I choose….”

Ayahuasca originally was taken by the shaman only!

Do you really need to go for a Ayahuasca trip or is it just a hype? Will Mother Ayahuasca tell you about your true mission, profession and what you are supposed to do next in order to heal from “stuff”, stressful experiences, habits, addictions or karma?


Headless Chicken now available as Audiobook at any audiobook store

Knowing more, doesn’t change a thing. It takes feeling to really change something inside and provide the extra energy to really change something. And that’s the hook: how do we feel, when we are constantly trying to escape feelings? Ayahuasca or any other drug can get you a glimpse, help you relax, make you sleep, make you forget, remember, wake up. And after the trip, it’s still up to you, what you do with the information/experience!

You are not your Thinking Mind!

MONKEY MIND, Mental Hygiene für mehr Freude im Alltag (deutsch)

Auszug: “Wann bist Du Dir schon einmal bewusst geworden, wie Du Dir selbst im Weg stehst?”

About Manuela

On Samantha Heller’s Health and Nutrition Show on Sirius Doctor Radio, Dr. Alicia Stanton’s “Aging without Limits”, Webtalk Radio USA, Mallorca Sunshine Radio, myriad other radio interviews and TV appearances in Mallorca, featured in international press: Mallorca Magazin, Mallorca Ambiente, El Mundo and El Pais, Columnist for US Womansradio and WellCore Network.

This is what woke me up: “Next week might be too late”

The diagnose of stage IV advanced malign cancer in 2000 was the starting point of a new way of life, understanding the reason to bemission and realizing priorities

You create your film – consciously or unconsciously

Innovation Prize-award: Best Business of a Woman

Testimonials.  What People Say

Manuela is a magnificent Coach with a totally original approach as well as being an all-round sound person and credit to humanity.

The Barefoot Doctor
aka Stephen Russel, London

After years of yoga and meditation practice of all kinds I have to say that our one session gave me more than nearly all put together. I came away with such a feeling of complete and total relaxation and “at-oneness” (if there is such word) it was just wonderful! I couldn´t recommend you more highly.

Amanda B., Business Owner, Mallorca, Spain

In the end, Manuela teaches you the one single most important thing, that self-empowerment comes from within. And most importantly how to access it and let it free! 

Rose Esma, Health Coach Mallorca

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