Coaching Feel-Good-Habits

The goal

Feel good now.

Habits to Enjoy Yourself

Since 2000 I coach influencers new choices in a discrete, relaxing and self-empowering way wherever I am. My WalkingGuru Program was prize-awarded in 2006.

In 2007 I met a wise and humble Guru in India. His words were: “Never feel bad about yourself.”
Then, the journey continued …

NOW is THE only moment. Always. Making room for change starts with your thinking, feeling and acting. NOW. That’s where we start. Joy, wellbeing, motivation and harmony are a consequence of healthy choices. I accompany you in finding your own solutions.

Never feel bad about yourself!

Swami Bhakti Chaitanya

It’s all about our power to focus awareness

Since 2000, my mission is to inspire influencers to be at their best.

Who cares? You and me!

Get curious! Http://
Is Monkey Mind bugging you? Start with a short and simple Meditation routine e.g. with to experiment 10 minutes a day and use your mind consciously.

Are you ready?
Call +34 661 682 888 for a 60 min Clarity Coaching Appointment

Expressing with words what is not touchable can be kind of funny

Clarity. Focus. Direction.

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