The Dopamine / Feel Good Now Secret

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In this episode Andrew talks about the dopamine system, its impact on health and happiness, depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction and more. It is so interesting to find out how we can make major changes in our own dopamine system once we know how. Interestingly enough, one step is not chasing highs all the time. Another one is doing what has to be done even though you don’t like it. He talks about just getting stuff done, or just doing it without boosting yourself with any kind of stimulant all the time. This will keep your dopamine baseline up.

In #walkingguru #coaching I used to refer to a “healthy balance”. Sounds very boring but is highly efficient for deep contentment free from external influences – free inside – peace inside – a steady sensation of grounded love inside.

I am just thrilled about those guys work! When Andrew Huberman shares their insights, I feel that it is no longer ridiculous to believe in positive change for most people, yes or yes. For me, the yogic philosophies, personal experiences and observations in many many many clients all come together and he can explain why things work the way they do.

Feeling good now is possible!

To me, feeling good doesn’t mean that you laugh when you feel like crying, nor that you bite your lips when you have to see something. it is more about swimming along the flow of life and responding to situations adequately – truthfully – instead of being a victim of automised or inherited reactions.

Andrew Huberman talks about knowing of knowing. To me this translates pretty much to the awareness of the observer perspective. In other words, once we change perspective, or know that we know, we can let go of the illusionary drama positions of acting like a victim, persecutor, or a helper.

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Who the heck do you think you are you?

We people sometimes think we are victims of our thoughts and emotions. People believe that our past determines who we are. Or some of us do. We act as if we were married to our past and those incidents, accidents and experiences shape to days thoughts, feelings and actions like being imprisoned.

It took me over 50 years to realise that I have a choice in every moment. I can respond to a situation each time new. I can realise when there is a major automised reaction happening inside of me that is not in relation to an actual fact, my alarm goes on and my virtual torch of awareness kicks in to tell me that something has been triggered right now that has nothing to do with here now, but with a past. Old stuff can be cleared out and healed.

All it takes is a whole lot of clarity, determination, discipline. The baseline of the whole procedure is a mix of awareness and love. Because I can!

And you can too. Happy to show you!


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About Washing the Laundry in the Coffee Machine

You can’t wash the laundry in the coffee machine

Manuela Stoerzer

“What the heck does that mean?” you think. Obviously, you can’t do the laundry in the coffee machine!!!

It’s simple: just as obviously as the above example, you can’t solve emotional matters by thinking alone, nor vice versa. These two “building sites” are each for something specific for a good reason. Thinking gives clarity, provided it is not emotionally charged, feeling gets energy going, unrestrained, provided it is not silenced by rationalizing. Imagine you can think clear and have loads of energy to use in a specific matter it you stop trying to wash the laundry in the coffee machine!

Obviously! you think? Believe it or not, there is hardly a customer in 22 years, myself included, who doesn’t forget that sometimes. Just don’t try to wash the laundry in the coffee machine!

Wishing you a tremendously lively day,

Manuela xxx

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