Who the heck do you think you are you?

We people sometimes think we are victims of our thoughts and emotions. People believe that our past determines who we are. Or some of us do. We act as if we were married to our past and those incidents, accidents and experiences shape to days thoughts, feelings and actions like being imprisoned.

It took me over 50 years to realise that I have a choice in every moment. I can respond to a situation each time new. I can realise when there is a major automised reaction happening inside of me that is not in relation to an actual fact, my alarm goes on and my virtual torch of awareness kicks in to tell me that something has been triggered right now that has nothing to do with here now, but with a past. Old stuff can be cleared out and healed.

All it takes is a whole lot of clarity, determination, discipline. The baseline of the whole procedure is a mix of awareness and love. Because I can!

And you can too. Happy to show you!


Like simple inspirations like this?


#healingtrauma #overcominganxiety #panicattacks #addiction #spiritualhealing #learningtoletgo #healingpast #ayahuasca #neuroplasticity

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