Not too Comfortable

In over 50 life years and 22 years Life Coaching my summary is:

Don’t get too comfortable! Why? The soul wants to be free and not stuck in some comport zone. I truly believe that we humans have the urge to either grow, learn, create or expand our comfort zone somehow, or we become miserable.

Keeping yourself away from external challenges/ learning opportunities* may require a whole lot of distractions such as liquors, food, TV, social media, gaming etc. for you not to think and notice how you actually feel. Yes, everybody seeks some type of safety, but realistically, what is really safe anyway?

Let’s take getting older: it brings physical changes on one side and opens up for other possibilities* on the other. “One who can’t see anymore may develop a better tactile sense” kind of thing. Well, it all depends on mindset I guess. No matter how positive you are, everybody can have a low. If there was not good, there was no bad, no positive, no negative – two sides of the same coin / measuring stick.

When there are no more ups and downs, we are probably dead or enlightened, and the latter sounds boring to the ego


But seriously, in the last few years due to the “overall situation” so many more people are suffering from real lows and slide into depression. It’s normal, when you do’t live up to your needs… I am a hopeless optimist – doesn’t mean I don’t suffer from lows, no, – I see a chance in a real low: when you face a time being really low and make an effort to get out of it, you come out on the other side of the tunnel stronger, start appreciating the small stuff in life, learn how to live a happier life by many better tiny daily choices/ thinking, feeling, acting habits… xxx

* such as catfishing, slacklining, snorkeling, masonry, writing, singing…..

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