Modeling and Acting isn’t dumb at all


Who do you think you are? You know that expression?

I used to hang out with a guy (long time ago 🙂 who thought of himself as a “spiritually-evolved artist”. I didn’t think, that is who one is. It’s just another label for the shell you choose to wear and project that day. He used to say “if you know who you are” bla bla bla. My idea of myself was : I am like a grain of sand, tiny, with many facets, unique and yet super-unimportant. I am nothing and I am everything, because without me (and you, and you, and you…), no beach! We are one big soup of swirling grains made of endlessly creative vibrating energy. I am part of it, you are part of it, we are it, together with the rest.

After a “proper” business career (bla bla bla….) someone asked me to do a polaroid and get listed in their agency. Being an open-minded person, not limited to one idea, I did. My brain was struggling, yet curious, my heart was happy to play something new. Later I got into acting and improv and noticed: it feels good to allow yourself to play. It lightens the heart, even when the brain is struggling with criticism. For me it’s not about being able to play any character or any role, but to play roles that somehow touch, expressing myself in that role. I don’t think I am an actress, a coach, an author or anything, those words are just labels for the way I choose to express myself today. I am still the grain of sand with its facets, nothing really, and yet limitless.

So who do you think you are?

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