6 Ways to bring Lightness back into your Life

All of a sudden you find yourself somehow stuck. Life seems heavy, the situation rather depressing. We all have been there. And it’s easy to fall back into a low. People who find me as their coach basically look for more lightness in everyday’s life. Here are some stories and practical steps to make your shift. Stories help to open up and steps to making the path xxx

Note: it only works if you open up and experiment 🤗

A pile of shit is actually a pile of gold

“A pile of shit is actually a pile of gold and a pile of gold is actually a pile of shit”, my dear friend and colleague Stephen Russel aka the Barefoot Doctor (1954-2020) used to say.

It took a while to understand that every situation has a positive and a negative aspect to it, depending on how you look at it. Later on during the first out of 19 Ayahuasca ceremonies, this phenomenon showed up in the “spiritual world” under the hallucinogenic drug like this:

Keeping the head in a certain direction, the vision was beautiful shapes, colours and movements in never-ending creativity.

Changing the viewing position and perspective the vision showed a grey- brown crowd of miserable people keeping their heads and shoulders down. The opera Les Miserables came into my memory.

It’s all made out of the same stuff

All of a sudden something clicked. It’s all made out of the same stuff, the good and the bad and it’s up to us, how we look at it and what we make out of it. What story we tell ourselves, which role we choose to play etc…

Play and enjoy!

Getting stuck can hold huge chances to learn something new, heal something old, be creative and open up to discover living and enjoying life more playfully:

6 ways to bring lightness back into your life*

Set priorities

Think about what is really important to you and focus on those things. Avoid getting too busy with unimportant or stressful activities.

Breathe deeply

Breathing exercises can help calm and rebalance the body and mind. No need for fancy techniques, yet, guidance can be helpful.

Take time for yourself

Regular breaks and time for yourself are important to relax and recharge your batteries. Breaks from work, from thinking, from the habitual. Note: requires discipline 😅😅😅😅


Regular exercise helps keep the body and mind fit and reduces stress and tension.
Find an activity you enjoy: Whether it’s music, painting, writing, handicrafts or some other creativity, find something that makes you happy and incorporate it into your daily routine on a regular basis. 😃✅👍🏼 outdoor activities have extra health benefits

Seek professional help

If you feel you cannot cope on your own, or you go in circles seek professional help, such as therapy or coaching.

* Note: whatever step you take, please experiment switching from “hard work”- duty- mode to “healthy, playful, curious” mode: compassionate with own needs

Play and enjoy 😉

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The people who find me as their coach I ask unusual questions, share unusual stories, make up metaphors and ask them to go out walking in nature regularly, to explore…. Simply taking the time to reconnect with yourself physically, mentally and emotionally is the answer, the process, the solution.

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