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Manuela Stoerzer nobody&everything Actress, Author, Coach, Model and more

08/10/1965, German, 175cm, Size: 36/S, Shoes 41, hair grey blonde, eyes blue, mezzo-soprano, slim, natural-sporty-elegant, fluent in English, Spanish, German, French
Licenses: Car, Motorcycle, Pilot’s License (VFR), Concealed Weapon Permit. Special Skills: Singing, Free-climbing, Slacklining, Yoga, Tai Chi, Improv


2021 Der König von Palma, Bowling Lady, Mallorca
2018 Letters to Paul Morrisey, Annemarie, Director: Arnand Rovira
2016 Umce 18 L’Aixopluc dels Caragols, role: internet friend, Quindrop, Spain
2014 Motorcycle DOUBLE Toni Costa, Mallorca
2013 The Absence of Strangers, Al White Reno, NV
2011 The Perfect Dinner, 5 Day German TV Cooking Competition Granada Film, Cologne
2011 Lies have left hands, Role: Tourist, Thomas Nennstiel, Ziegler Film Berlin, ZDF
2010 In the River of Life, Role: Tourist, directed by Wolf Gremm, Ziegler Film Berlin, ARD

Professional Experience

2010-today Actress
2004-today Model and PA
2000-today Life Coach
Coaching Executives and Teams for more Clarity, Balance and Joy
(TEVA Medical, Erne Fittings and more)
Sales-Training, Burnout-Strategies, Recovery
Motivational Talks “Happy and Healthy Lifestyle”
1990-2000 Managing Director of Munich Medical Publishing House


2022 Improv
2021-2022 Singing Training
2016 Acting Workshop with NY Director
2014-2017 Trampa Teatre, Improvisation in Spanish language
2014 Individual Language Training, Mallorca
2014 Acting and Cooperation with the Director, Toni Bestard, Mallorca
2010-2011 Liquid Acting Workshop Joe Giampapa, Reno, Nevada
2006 Meisner Workshop, Mallorca

Formal Education

2007 Coaching Cooperative, IFOC, Mallorca
2000 Mental Power Coaching, B. Freitag Coaching, Munich
1997 Physical Fitness Specialist, Cooper Clinic, Dallas, USA
1987-91 MBA, University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany


2006 Innovation prize-award for The Walking Guru Coaching, Mallorca


Headless Chicken – A Narrative about 3 months in the Amazon, Ayahuasca and Old Stories, English, Book, ebook, Audiobook
Monkey Mind – Short Self-Help Chapters with a bit of humor, German
Logbuch – Self-Help Workbook, German, English as ebook only

Commercial Work

2022 AIDA Barcelona, Palma, Malta
2022 Bali Catamarans, Menorca, HandModel for TVC Voltaren, Mallorca
2021 Dynamic Detox, Mallorca
Claro! Santa Catalina, Mallorca
2020 Bruera Sustainable Beachwear, Mallorca 2005 Spies Tour Operator, Mallorca
2019 Iberostar, Mallorca and Dominican Republic
2018 Hager Security Systems, Mallorca
2016 Swiss Air, Mallorca
2015 Monarch Airlines, Mallorca
2013 SFO Clothing Company, Reno NV
Pagen Breakfastbread, Orange, Spa-Hotel Puerto Adriano, Sunseeker, Hotel Valparaiso, French Minaral Water Agroturismos Mallorca, Garden Tools, Orange Telecommunications, Promovideo Mallorca for Tourism Fair Berlin, Golf Club Santa Ponsa, Lidl, Garden Furniture and many more


2008 Event with Darts Competition Nightclub Virtual Club, Mallorca


Improv, Songwriting, Singing, Slack-lining, Hiking, Climbing, Paddleboard, Travel, Drumming, Piano, Ukulele, Mountainbike, Motorcycle, Painting, Dancing.

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