Expression Vibration Feelings

Music is vibration. Music is healing. Music is therapy. We are music.

Since a few years I “receive” song lyrics with melodies and here and there another musician appears in my life and brings the music out of me into a song.

Slowly slowly, I learn singing. It’s fun. It’s relieving to express what’s in there that hasn’t been said and heard. I write about my repressed anger, about the injustice in the world, about us intelligent minds trying to live without feelings, ending up in health problems, depression, suicide, cancer – you name it.

I believe music can make a change because music breaks through ego-walls. You can’t deny the vibration of the music. It touches you.

Still exploring how to share songs other than via Spotify….. any clues?

My first published song is on Spotify – decided to just go for it and learn singing by doing LOL

Listen to my latest songs on Spotify

or Blow That! on Soundcloud

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