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making the path by walking

2000-today Life Coach + Business Trainer internationally   http://thewalkingguru.orgExplore, enjoy and share your best –
2004-today Professional Model, Print, Fashion, TVC’s, Europe and US
2010-today Actress, TV + Cinema, Europe and US   http://manuelastoerzer.com
1990-2000 Managing Director of a Munich Publishing House, intl. medical seminar organizer,
publishing medical journals, newsletter and books, selling ads, coops with industry. 


2014-2017+22 Trampa Theater, Improvisation
2014 Alpha State Foreign Language  Trainer, Mallorca
2014 Acting and Cooperation with the Director, Toni Bestard, Mallorca
2010-2011 Liquid Acting Workshop Joe Giampapa, Reno, Nevada
2009 Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy, 3 months training, Munich
2009/20010 Hypnotherapy Training for GPs, participated as Walking Coach for GPs stress-relief
2009 Psychosomatic Primary Care training for GP’s , assisted twice 56h
2007 Coaching Cooperative, IFOC, Mallorca, 3 months, certified
Meisner Acting Workshop, Mallorca
2000 Mental Power, Coaching, Mentoring, Personal Development, 1 month
1997 Physical Fitness Specialist, Cooper Clinic, Dallas, USA, 14 days, certified
1987-91 MBA degree from University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany


I love expanding the “box” playfully: acting, modeling, coaching, writing books, blogs, give interviews, workshops, coaching in nature, team training, experiments with art, music, relaxation… in fluent English, Spanish, German, French, have a high level of Empathy and Understanding by nature and from 22 years of Coaching executives and teams with bold curiosity, sensitivity, out-of-the Box thinking and creativity

Acting, Improv, https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1E4vjq5Em1oWZC?si=b9c67402955f4ffa, Sculpturing, Painting, Piano, Djembe
Motorbike, Free-climbing, Slack-lining, Yoga, Tai Chi, QiGong, Watersports
Car+Motorcycle license, Pilot’s License (VFR), Concealed Weapon Permit (NV)


2006 Innovation Prize-Award for The Walking Guru Coaching, a playful approach to learning, relaxing, healing and living new possibilities.


Headless Chicken, Narrative about 3 months in the Amazon, Ayahuasca and Old Stories, Ozark Mountain Publishers.
Monkey Mhttps://www.amazon.de/Monkey-Mind-Mentalhygiene-Freude-Alltag-ebook/dp/B086MYBDNPind – Mental Hygiene for more Joy Every Day, Greatlifebooks
Logbook – Diary and Workbook, Greatlifebooks

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