Breathe, live, be

The Walking Guru – Coaching by Manuela


“Manifestation begins with the willingness to make room in our beliefs for something that supposedly doesn’t exist. We create that “something” through the force of consciousness and awareness.”

Gregg Braden

Together, we make room for you to experience something new. My expertise is facilitating the change process and update unconscious habits into the ability to make conscious choices. Prize-awarded in 2006.

You are the author, director and actor of your Life. You have Freedom to choose and how to use your time, energy and the talents you are gifted with. Life is a blessing, a gift to share. Find out, what you are about, what you are here for and jump right in to share your gift!

How you feel is how you vibrate!

In 2007 I bumped into my Guru in India while volunteering at a children’s foster home. First lesson:

Never feel bad about yourself!

How do you do that? All was about taking good decisions. Errors were hard forgive.

“It’s all about our power to focus consciousness, which is the great secret of some of our most ancient and cherished traditions.”

Gregg Braden

Since 2000, my “official” job is to inspire people to become curious and open up to what is inside of them. Open up to dare to tap into the unknown. Inspire, teach and train the process to shift from old limitation to new possibility thinking, feeling and acting. When leaving the supposed comfort zone becomes an exiting adventure. You may become free!

Finding yourself

Get curious! Http://

A great resource for new possibilities:

Is Monkey Mind just never quiet?

Start with a short and simple Meditation routine. to start experimenting for 10 minutes a day, how it can feel to change the way you use your mind.

Get ready! Whatsapp for a 60 min Clarity Coaching +34 661 682 888

Communicating with words what is not touchable can be kind of funny
A wide range of experiences made me aware of being blessed ❤

Stroll by TheWalkingGuru!


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