Coach & Facilitator

Be good to yourself!

In 2007 I bumped into my Guru in India while volunteering at a children’s foster home. First lesson:

Never feel bad about yourself!

How do you do that? All was about taking good decisions. Errors were hard forgive.

As Walking Coach my job is to inspire people to become curious and open up to dormant potential. Despite the fear of failing, when tapping into the unknown, the process to shift from limitation to possibility is very rewarding, liberating and enjoyable. Uncomfortable at first to leave the comfort zone. Relieving soon, to feel aligned with your innermost self.

For me also rewarding, exciting and fun.

Http:// is home of my inspirational blog to motivate becoming free and responsible for your life!

A great ressource is

I recommend to start experimenting for 10 minutes a day, how it can feel to change the way you use your mind.

On SoundCloud yaduma channel you find free 3-5 minute audios teaching Yaduma Walking Meditation.

Feel free to get in touch personally for a brief clarity talk if you are on the verge of changing something in your life!

Stroll by TheWalkingGuru or Yaduma Coaching for German.


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