The jungle brought it to the surface

A trip to translate for Shamans turned out to become a “life-changing” journey of Self-Discovery, Healing Trauma, Personal Development and a path towards Self-Realization. No Ayahuasca didn’t do it, yet it reminded me! Personal insights about the spiritual realm, duality, how we really create our reality and why you can’t trust what you think is true.

You might find a treasure unexpectedly

A Workbook with simple and easy exercises that help you get into hypnotic writing to get to know yourself better and access your truth, unedited by Monkey Mind. All it takes is 10-20 minutes a day and a bit of curiosity. E-Book, $12US

Getting to know and love yourself!

Books in German Language

Eine einigermassen humorvolle Darstellung unserer witzigen und unwitzigen Hirnwindungen mit Inspirationen, das Dilemma sein zu lassen.

Tief, tief in Dir…

Arbeitsbuch mit Anleitungen auf dem Weg der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung zur Selbstfindung und Selbstverwirklichung

For Coaching Clients there is a set of Transformative Training Audios available on request

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