For me “Art” is a way to express something I am not entirely aware about and I become aware as I create. It’s an emotional healing process, a clarification, de-clouding, as showing up of something that is within: a surprise, a process of serious fun.

My way is experimenting and exploring with a curious mindset and a very crisp observation of what is going on inside when I do it. I share this with you, the observer, to inspire you to become curious enough to explore for yourself, it’s quite exiting!

It’s not just about what comes out at the end – a piece of art or a piece of shit, it’s about the process itself for me, including the “work”, the manufacturer and you, the observer. You can analyze what I want to express, or see something that is true for you or just judge it into good or bad or nothing of the above. That’s the thing: it’s your choice.

  1. Decision to do it and finish no matter what
  2. Empty mind and wait for first hint/though/idea/feeling
  3. Start, continue, allow the process to reveal itself.

The Magic happens in an non-linear, unplanned way with allowance and trust.

E.g. the Cube “Transcending Duality”: First hint: I saw an egg in a cube. Then the thing turned out to be an organic, boney, heavy, light, hard, soft structure. Nothing is straight and still harmonic…..

This is an official invitation for you to play and enjoy xx

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