Facilitating Change

Life is a Blessing

It took me Burnout, Divorce and Cancer to finally find out in 2000!

That wake-up call was actually a blessing: I realized that I needed to change my mind: from doing what has to be doing to living according to your talents, needs and deep heart desires. I reinvented myself, studied, experimented and explored to become “Europe’s first Walking Coach”. And that was just a beginning…..

Time to Change

When you just can’t fully appreciate the Gift of Life it’s time to change

How is your current experience of daily life?
Do you have clarity about what you are here for?
Can you focus on what is really important?
Are you mentally calm and emotionally balanced?

Life is constant change and it is perfectly OK to experience tough times, going through stuff. The question is

How do you respond to daily challenges?

  • You realize that there is room for improvement and you just don’t know how…
  • Reading books and surfing the internet didn’t bring lasting satisfaction….
  • You keep stuck in daily routines and react to situations in a way you don’t like…

My job is to facilitate your Change. I teach how to change conscious and unconscious habits since 19 years in English, Spanish, German and French all over the world and via Coaching Calls. You will learn how to reframe your inner world, accept and love yourself as you are and get in charge. Free. In your Power.

For credentials and publications please visit THE WALKING GURU

+34 661 682 888


Confidence is important: it releases the extra energy to get out of the mouse wheel and start doing things differently. Find out!

CONTACT for a free 15 minute Consultation NOW!

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